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Healthy Homes Expert Roundtable Hayward Institute brought together twelve experts across environmental and social sciences to apply their expertise,
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Why A Healthy Home?

We clearly recognize that what we do to -and with- our bodies affects our health: the food we eat, the exercise we (or don’t) get, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the chemicals we encounter. But we often don’t recognize the role our home plays as a conduit for health, and our ability to impact what kind of home environment we incubate for our own health. 

Think about the number of hours you spend at home – sleeping, eating, playing, working. Those are all the hours that your house is influencing your health. And that influence will extend beyond the time you spend within your home’s walls.

What Do We Mean By A
Healthy Home?

A healthy home supports a healthy environment for you and your family. Your home’s systems, design and materials can all impact a healthy (or unhealthy) environment. Choices you make about your home, how you maintain it, and your day-to-day habits are all choices that you can make for your health.

Everyday living

How Can A Healthy Home
Contribute To A Healthy Planet?

There are direct relationships between how we construct, maintain, and live in our homes, and the impact we have on our planet’s health. Choosing renewable, non-toxic building materials, installing and using efficient systems for functions like heating and cooking, and limiting the chemicals we buy and bring into our homes are all ways we can positively impact our planet’s health. And many of these planetary health impacts cycle back to benefit us in the form of a planet that supports our health.

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